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Day One Done - NaNoWriMo Excerpts

robinmariemNov. 1st, 2007 08:00 pm Day One Done

Much as I would like to say I have 2000 words, I just didn't make the grade in day one. The whole day was split between recovering my plot line that I erased twice and doing research that should have been done weeks ago.

Final Count: 379
Milestone reached: Earliest I've ever been behind
Working Title: Ascendancy of Pain
Genre: Erotic Fiction

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Date:November 2nd, 2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
I feel the pain in a way. I did not make 200 words. I have a lot of writing to do today!

I'm glad to see that my girlfiend isn't the only one writing erotic fiction. At least, she was musing about writing it. I'm not allowed to read her work yet.